We specialise in creating extraordinary centerpieces that embody the spirit of heritage and the allure of the past.

In a world where original century-old lime walls are a rare find, we set out to transform undistinguished surfaces into walls that have a story to tell. Through a profound understanding of their intrinsic qualities and a unique ability to capture the patina of time, we bring to life a unique concept where walls are transformed into captivating focal points that evoke a sense of timelessness, arose emotions and inspire conversations.

We collaborate seamlessly with architects, interior designers, and private clients, bringing our expertise to a wide range of residential and commercial interior projects. With a deep comprehension of the interplay between art and design, we are able to organically integrate our work into the larger vision of the project.

Start a Conversation

How we work

Intake Conversation

We initiate our process with an intake conversation, where we delve into our clients' wishes and the specific requirements of the project. Through this discussion, we gather essential information and immerse ourselves in the unique character of the space.

How we work

Preliminary Concept

Based on the insights gathered during the consultation, we craft a bespoke wall concept tailored to our clients' space. We take into consideration the architectural elements, existing decor, and the desired ambiance to create a cohesive proposal. Alongside the concept, we provide a detailed price offer for the project.

How we work


Following the preliminary phase, we further develop the walls' design. This involves creating precise colour formulas with pigments, and developing unique wall finishes that will bring the Signature Wall to life. We also take charge of sourcing the finest quality materials for the project.

How we work

From dream to Reality

During the project completion we work on site to recreate the essence of heritage on our clients' walls in order to bring their vision to life.

How we work

Optional Service

We offer a specialised colour advisory service. We create unique colour formulas and develop harmonious colour schemes to bring our clients interiors into a cohesive whole.


By immersing ourselves in the unique aspirations and goals of each client, we ensure that every Signature Wall is tailor-made to perfection and truly reflect the essence of our clients' desires.