Elisa Bo, founder and principal of her eponymous brand Elisa Bo, is a French Artist, Designer and Entrepreneur, renowned for her unique ability to capture and encapsulate the abstract beauty and spiritual presence of ancient walls. In just a few years, Elisa has established herself as a leading artist and designer in her field, catching the eye of discerning Interior Designers, Architects, Collectors, celebrated Photographers and Brands with whom she regularly collaborates.

Her creative approach involves the use of traditional materials and innovative techniques, allowing her to highlight the intricate beauty of impermanence and imperfection. Elisa's works celebrate the subtle elegance of organic textures and colours that are often overlooked, raising awareness of the value and allure of materials that evolve and transform over time.

Elisa Bo x Piet Boon

See the latest collaboration between Studio Piet Boon and Elisa Bo for Milan Design Week 2023 in Scandinavian Living's July issue. The large abstract fresco harmoniously merges minimalistic and natural elements creating an inviting environment for modern interiors.


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